Chronicles from a thousand-year old Church

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The exhibition “In templo eius omnes dicent goriam. San Giorgio al Corso, chronicles from a millenary church”, designed and organized by Italia Nostra Sezione di Reggio Calabria, Archivio storico dell’ Arcidiocesi di Reggio Calabria – Bova and Regional Secretariat of … Continued

Diocesan Historical Archive and Digitization

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On 15 May 2015, at the Monsignor Ferro dell’ Arcidiocesi di Reggio Calabria-Bova exhibition, a meeting promoted by the “Serra International Italia. Reggio Calabria 1060 – District 77: Sicily and Calabria “on” The Diocesan Historical Archives and Digitization. Maria Pia … Continued

Traces of Magna Greece

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Excavation in the history of Magna Greek culture. Saturday 21 February 2015, at the Diocesan Historical Archive located in the premises of the Archiepiscopal Curia, a seminar of studies was held entitled “Construction of documentary paths on classical antiquities” included … Continued

Restored two ancient liturgical books

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On 1 February 2014, at the Diocesan Museum “Mons. Aurelio Sorrentino” of Reggio Calabria, was held the meeting ” Discovering the Historical Archives of the diocese: two ancient liturgical books, an Antifonary and a Psaltery” organized by the Touring Club Italia, … Continued

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