work-school alternation projects

Secondary schools can apply to carry out projects of PCTO (Pathways for soft skills and orientation) at the diocesan Historical Archive by signing an agreement with the diocesan Ordinary.

work-school alternation projects - reading registerThe educational institution concerned is responsible for insurance cover and for providing preventive safety training in the workplace. Duration and modalities should be included in the training project.

work-school alternation projects - working group
Students will be able to assist staff in archival activities and services to the public, as well as in exhibitions and conferences, presentations and various events.


download the presentation of the project for alternating school and work..The presentation of the PCTO “Conservative recovery of the wooden furnishings of the church of the Holy Spirit in Scilla” realized in collaboration with the Liceo Artistico Statale “M. Preti – A. Frangipane” of Reggio Calabria is freely downloadable in PDF format by clicking on the icon next to it

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