This portal and the web application for online consultation of parish registers are the result of a project commissioned by the Diocesan Archives of Reggio Calabria-Bova with the financial support of Archbishop Emeritus Mons. Vittorio Mondello.
The digitisation of parish registers was carried out by Ben van Rijswijk and Anna Maltese, while the classification of images was handled by Rocco Grillo. The contents are by Maria Pia Mazzitelli and Ida Triglia.

The association Calabria Formation supported and implemented the project by providing free services and technical advice and actively collaborating with the staff of the Diocesan Archives at every stage of development. In particular, Antonio Galletta and Giorgio Nordo dealt with the personalization of the CMS, the development of the web application code, as well as the compression and optimization of archive images.

Calabria FormazioneCalabria Formazione is a non-profit association that, for years, has been passionately involved in Solidarity Training, Technical/Scientific Dissemination, Web Services, Certification and ICT Consultancy, helping – as in this case – public and private subjects in the analysis of IT solutions and supporting them in the creation of software, websites and web applications that can be managed independently and suitable for any type of need.

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