the archive

The Diocesan Historical Archives of Reggio Calabria-Bova, located at the premises of the Diocesan Curia in via Tommaso Campanella 63, preserves, protects and enhances the documents of the Archbishop’s Curia, the Chapter of the Cathedral, ecclesiastical bodies dependent on the Diocese of Bova, the deeds of individuals and institutions deposited, donated or otherwise, and the archives of the diocese of Bova.

The Archive has a long history. Already existing in the 15th century, was set on fire and destroyed by the Turks in September 1594. Rebuilt, it was over time depopulated for repeated transfers resulting in further losses and dispersions.

The documentary heritage, the oldest part of which dates back to the 15th century, occupies about 400 linear metres of metal shelving and includes about 5000 archival units. This includes pontifical bubbles, royalty and bishops, apostolic letters, oath formulas, notarial deeds, projects, correspondence and other documents. The archival documents are divided into two sectors: Archdiocese of Reggio (from 1537 to 2011) and Diocese of Bova (from 1495 to 1986).

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