The library, which was created at the same time as the Archive, supports the institutional activities of the staff and complements the historical-archivical studies of users. The Library of the Diocesan Historical Archives of Reggio Calabria-Bova over the years has increased its library heritage thanks to the so-called so-called “Biblioteca di Reggio Calabria-Bova”. copies of compulsory copies paid by scholars who have used the archive documents, donations and payments from parish libraries, received in the archives at the same time as the payment of the documentary funds.
For an orderly conservation of the book heritage, the Library has been catalogued and reorganized, a preparatory activity to the computerized cataloguing that should be carried out shortly.

The bibliographic heritage amounts to about 3000 volumes, between the 17th and 21st century distributed in 5 sections:

  • 2567 monographs,
  • 1580 miscellaneous,
  • 76 periodicals and magazines,
  • 54 archival series,
  • 157 thesis.

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