The diocesan archive of Reggio Calabria maintains documents relating to the spiritual and legal life of the diocesan Curia of Reggio Calabria.

  1. Admission to the consultation in the study room is subject to the authorization of the Management, upon completion of a specific request and presentation of the identity document.
  2. The authorization is valid for the current solar year.
  3. The public opening hours of the Studio Room are published in a special space within the archive and on the website of the Archdiocese of Reggio Calabria.
  4. The scholar must specify the subject of the research he intends to address; Each variation must be communicated.
  5. Only documents prior to the last 70 years can be consulted.
  6. Consultation of documents prior to the last 70 years or reserved or relating to private situations of persons may be granted only with prior written permission from the Ordinary.
  7. The scholar, at every session and before the material is consulted, is required to make his signature readable on the daily attendance register.
  8. The scholar will be able to use the inventory and other tools of the Kit in order to carry out his research.
  9. Each student can request up to a maximum of 3 pieces in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.
  10. The Management may exclude from the consultation and / or the photographic production of documents in precarious state of preservation.
  11. The required documentary material may be kept in a deposit at the disposal of the scholar who has requested it.
  12. Loan of documents are not allowed.
  13. Scholars are required to observe the management procedures established by the Management. In particular, it is forbidden:
    -Place the pen over the documents you are examining, place signs and number the cards;
    – To be cast or polished;
    – Disassembling documents from the order they are willing to or mistreat them;
    – Disturb the silence of the Studio Room and use cell phones.
  14. Users of the Study Room can consult the Library Library material necessary for their research, subject to at any time the priority of using volumes for office reasons. Book loans are not allowed.
  15. The scholar who uses documentary material of the Archive undertakes to deliver two copies of the publication or a copy of the degree thesis; For the latter the student can determine the conditions of use.
  16. The quotation of the source, including search tools, is mandatory. However, the student remains fully responsible for the respect of copyright.

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