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Website terms and conditions of use

Anyone accessing or using this website agrees without restriction to be bound by the conditions specified herein. If you do not agree or intend to be bound by them, you may not access, use or download material from this site. At any time, the Historical Diocesan Archives of Reggio Calabria–Bova reserves the right to update or change these terms and conditions of use of the website, without any obligation to give notice. In the case of changes to the conditions, access to the website implies a commitment to comply with the conditions as amended.

Regulation applicable

All content published or present on the website, including their selection and organization as well as the layout and design of the website, is protected by the privacy policy (D. lgs. 30/6/2003, n. 196), by the Law on Copyright (Law 22/4/1941, n. 633, as amended by the Legislative Decree. 29/12/1992 n. 518, on the legal protection of software) and other national and international regulations on the protection of intellectual and industrial property, their amendments and additions.

Townability of rights

This website is the exclusive property of the Historical Diocesan Archives of Reggio Calabria–Bova, and the assignment of the Internet domain name has been formally obtained, according to the methods and procedures in force at the time of the assignment request. Content rights belong to the Historical Diocesan Archives of Reggio Calabria–Bova. Some Internet pages of this website may also contain material subject to the copyright of those who have made it available. With their publication, the Historical Diocesan Archives of Reggio Calabria–Bova does not transmit any rights on any of the website’s content.

Use of documents published on the website

The website and the data contained therein may only be used for personal use, i. e. for your own information, research or study. Reproduction of the texts supplied in electronic format is permitted provided that the source is mentioned. In any case, the user may not use or have used the website and the data contained therein for commercial purposes by third parties. Any use for commercial purpose or utility or economic exploitation by users is therefore always expressly prohibited. External links to third party websites may be available on the site. By linking to other sites, you voluntarily leave the site and are directed to websites other than this website. The Historical Diocesan Archives of Reggio Calabria–Bova is not responsible for the content of sites accessible through “links” that are not under its control, nor is it responsible for any errors and inaccuracies concerning data or documents published on the site.

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