European Heritage Days – Zerbi Collection Prints

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stampe raccolta zerbi
On Saturday 22 September, in Arcivescovado – Salone “Mons. Ferro”, on the occasion of the European Heritage Days 2018, the Historical Archives, the Library and the Diocesan Museum promoted a conference by Dr. Domenico Zerbi, curator of the Calabra Zerbi Collection, on the theme “The earthquake of 1783 in the drawings of the Royal Academy of Sciences and Fine Arts of Naples in the Calabra Zerbi Collection”. Demetrio Sarica, director of the diocesan cultural heritage office, introduced the works.
The Calabra Zerbi Collection includes prints and drawings on Calabria between the 16th and 19th centuries: it was Natale Zerbi Bosurgi, Domenico’s father, who, in the second half of the 20th century, started the collection of books, prints and drawings on the iconography, history and art of Calabria. Prof. Ilario Principe, professor of History of the City and the Territory at the University of Calabria, between 1989 and 1993 published in three volumes the historical-critical description of each work in the collection, distinguishing ‘Landscapes’, ‘Geographical maps’ and ‘Costumes’.
The conference is one of the initiatives that accompany the exhibition “Art saved after the earthquake: a restoration for Camerino”, educational restoration of the eighteenth-century silver processional machine from the Sanctuary of Santa Maria in Via a Camerino (MC), unusable after the earthquake of 2016.

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