Exhibition: “Cult, Culture and Charity. Memories of the XXI National Eucharistic Congress of Reggio Calabria”

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Wednesday, June 5, in the conference room of the Diocesan Museum “Mons. Aurelio Sorrentino” the Historical Archives, the Library, the Museum and the diocesan Caritas have inaugurated the exhibition entitled “Cult, Culture and Charity. Memoirs of the XXI National Eucharistic Congress of Reggio Calabria” organized on the occasion of the Week of enhancement of museums, archives and libraries “Open at the MAB” 3-9 June 2019.
The exhibition space hosted: the works of art related to the XXI National Eucharistic Congress, held in Reggio Calabria in 1988; the production of books on the Eucharist; a part of the endless documentary and photographic material on the event Reggina kept in the archive, and finally the photographs made available by the diocesan Caritas.
Among the curators of the exhibition are the directors of the organizations that sponsored the event: Dr. Maria Pia Mazzitelli for the Historical Archives, Dr. Lucia Lojacono for the Museum, Monsignor Antonio Foderaro for the Library and Monsignor Antonio Pangallo for the diocesan Caritas.
The documentary section, edited by the Archive, reconstructs the most important moments of the events and the events related to the XXI National Eucharistic Congress that have seen all the population of Reggio Emilia, lay and religious, authorities and ordinary citizens, mobilize for its preparation and then participate with great faith and devotion.

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