Chronicles from a thousand-year old Church

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chronicles from a thousand-year old Church
The exhibition “In templo eius omnes dicent goriam. San Giorgio al Corso, chronicles from a millenary church”, designed and organized by Italia Nostra Sezione di Reggio Calabria, Archivio storico dell’ Arcidiocesi di Reggio Calabria – Bova and Regional Secretariat of MiBACT for Calabria, was created on the occasion of the 2016 edition of the States General of Culture, promoted by the Provincial Administration of Reggio Calabria. The exhibition illustrates, with the support of unpublished papers and documents, the historical events of a church, that of San Giorgio al Corso, which has been playing an important role in the cultural and religious life of Reggio Calabria for centuries. The spiritual reality and material history of the Church come to life and are intertwined with the life of the city and the cult for its patron saint.

An promoters
Historical diocesan archive Reggio Calabria – Bova
Regional Secretariat for Calabria
Italy Our section of Reggio Calabria

Provincial administration of Reggio Calabria

Scientific Committee
Maria Pia Mazzitelli
Luciano Schepis
Maria Teresa Streams

Maria Pia Mazzitelli
Luciano Schepis
Maria Teresa Streams


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