Movio, the church of S. Giorgio on the net

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movio - la chiesa di s. giorgio in rete
On Saturday 22 April 2017, at 17.00, at the premises of Banca d’ Italia on the Garibaldi Course, the official presentation of the In Templo i>and>and>and>and>and>and>and>and>and>and>ei San Giorgio al Corso, chronicles from a millenary church – Movio: The millenary history of the church of San Giorgio on the net.

The staging of the “digital” exhibition, available on the web at, has been carried out as part of Movio, a project financed by the Telecom Foundation which, through an open source kit for the realization of online virtual exhibitions, is aimed at all public and private cultural institutions, providing them with an IT platform and all the necessary technical skills to put
The spirit of this intelligent cultural initiative suggests that online virtual exhibitions should now be seen as an important strategic activity that should be part of the current activity of cultural institutions (museums, libraries, archives, superintendencies, etc.).), an important occasion that Reggio Calabria has not lost and that will offer us the opportunity to better appreciate the subtle intertwines between spiritual reality and material history of the Church that most of all has enclosed for centuries the cult for its patron saint.

The presentation conference was attended by Rocco Grillo who made the insertion of the exhibition on Movio, the three curators of the exhibition, Maria Pia Mazzitelli, Luciano Maria Schepis and Maria Teresa Sorrenti, the presentation conference was attended by the director of the Reggio Calabria branch of Banca d’Italia Antonio Signorello, the regional secretary for cultural and landscape heritage of Calabria, Salvatore Patamia and the parish priest of the church of San Giorgio al corso. The presentation was moderated by the president of the Reggina section of Italia Nostra, Angela Martino.

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